Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Isaiah 54

I have found a couple of new resources for studying Isaiah during the last few days. I have so much to learn. I will try to post a few of my thoughts as I study the remaining chapters.

Compassion is Synonymous to Covenant

After listening to the analytical lecture by Avraham Gileadi, I learned at least one new thing. He mentioned that the word covenant and compassion are synonymous. In Isaiah 54:7-8, he translates the word mercy to compassion. I also found at least one thesaurus website that confirms this ( in which it links charity to compassion and covenant.

Precious Stones

In Isaiah 54:11-12, the "afflicted" are those who are tried and go through a refiner's fire. As a result, they are no more common. They are gifted with pleasant or precious stones. In today's world, wickedness abounds and surrounds us. If we successfully navigate through these waters, we emerge refined and are more highly valued because we are rare. We also inherit and refined and glorified earth which too must pass through a refiner's fire in the Last Days.

Mobs Gather to Oppose Righteous

In Isaiah 54:15, we learn that mobs will gather against the Lord's people. In the recent elections, California passed an amendment making marriage legal only between a man and a woman. The citizens of that state voted against gay marriage several years ago. Again in 2008, they voted against gay marriage. The backlash against the Church and its members was strong during the election and after the election. Several newscasts showed mobs of gay marriage supporters acting lividly against those who support the sanctity of marriage. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the future.

Summary of Isaiah 54 (Ludlow)

Ludlow gives a nice summary of Isaiah 54 (see page 462):

Husband Provides Wife
1. Children (1-3)
2. Love (4-8)
3. Commitment (9-10)
4. Material comfort (11-12)
5. Protection (13-17)

Jehovah Provides Israel
1. Great numbers (1-3)
2. Reconciliation (4-8)
3. Covenant relationship (9-10)
4. Prosperity (11-12)
5. Peace (13-17)

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